The last time I put up a picture of a woman below the knees (same model, by the way), I ended up getting tons of traffic from Google Images for searches of a certain two word phrase that I won’t type here. I will give it to you cryptic like with the following; F**t F**ish. The problem wasn’t in the picture, but the fact that I wrote something about getting traffic from this particular segment of society and it turned out to be a self fulfilling prophecy. At one point I typed in those search terms and my image was NUMBER 1! Imagine that. Anyway, this was another cover for Nailpro Magazine. We did our initial shots with the entire floor covered with gumballs. I chewed those things for a month, which isn’t hard considering they last about thirty seconds each.

model: Tamia (Ford Models)
makeup: Nikki Carbonetta
nails: Elaine Watson
styling: Karie L. Frost
camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II.
lighting: Speedotron head in an Elinchrom Octa Bank as the main light. One 20° grid spot pointed at the toes and a 20 inch reflector with a diffuser above and behind the set pointed down and towards the camera. You can see the reflections in the dark gumballs up front to see the placement of the lights.

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