This is my interpretation of my shot used for the cover of the latest issue of Nailpro Magazine. I cropped it a little and vignetted a little too. The interesting part is that this is a composite of two shots. The hand is from a different frame because they liked her face on this one, but the nails (the most important part) looked better on another shot.
I’m going to the beach for a week, so please don’t forget about me. I’m going to upload another shot just in case I get a chance (and an internet connection) to write a post during the week. My other blog will be on auto-pilot though, with a new image every day.

model: Renée Kuwata
makeup/hair: Nikki Carbonetta
nails: Pam Minch
styling: Karie L. Frost (I hope the East Coast is being good to you!)
camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II, Canon 85mm 1.8.
lighting: Speedotron head in an Elinchrom Octa Bank.

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