Serena 2

I know I just posted another shot from this shoot not too long ago, but I like this one two because it’s so much more dramatic than what I usually get to do. The magazine that this was shot for just came out and I’m kinda disappointed in the cover. It’s so blah compared to this later stuff we did. This often happens as the excitement of the shoot gets watered down once everyone back at the office sees all the images. I don’t do this often, but if I decide to show the magazine cover on my site, I’ll probably do a lot of tweaking to the image to make it look more like this.

model: Serena Hendrix (Otto Models)
makeup/hair: Michelle Tabor
camera/film: Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon TS-E 45mm 2.8 (tilt-shift) with a Canon EF 2X Extender (1/100 sec. f2.8 ASA 1600)
lighting: Two 4×4 scrims on either side of the model and slightly behind her with two Speedotron heads with diffusion behind them. There’s also a Chimera XS soft box over the top lighting the hair slightly.

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