If you use a ring light on occasion, try to give it a different spin. We don’t need to see that ring light shadow every time. This is Morgan, shot for Nailpro Magazine. It’s hard to tell on a small image like this, but the lips are covered with glitter to match the dress and nails (not shown here) for the story. I only mention that because some that have seen this small have asked what’s wrong with her lips. It looks very cool on the mag cover or a big print.

model: Morgan Reynolds (CESD)
makeup/hair: Michelle Tabor
stylist: Karie L. Frost
camera/film: Canon 1Ds Mk II, 85mm 1.8
lighting: Main light, Profoto Ring Flash with custom diffuser. Two Speedotron heads with 11″ reflectors and diffusion on each side.

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