Sorry, another picture from the old blog. This one intrigued me to post it again in a different format because I had just noticed how obvious her color contacts are in this picture. I was going to say that the eyes were not enlarged in Photoshop, but if you look at the shape of her irises, they look oblong which would make it seem like I was lying. Well, the reason they look oblong is because the contacts have slid down a little making the shape of the irises strange. Anyway, it’s the truth, there is no major Photoshop on this shot other than my usual touchups which are very light here. I think I lightened the whites of her eyes a little too much, but it kinda adds to the drama of the shot, so I’ll leave it be. Oh, it’s a wig. More NEW stuff up next.

model: Lindsay Rae (Ford Models)
makeup/hair: Lisa VanHecke
camera: Canon 1 Ds. 28-105 @ 75mm.
lighting: Elinchrom Octa bank. White fill cards on both sides very close to the model. Silver reflector on table below face.

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