Lisa Foiles

I shot Lisa Foiles for a magazine cover and after the job I sat her down and did a few for myself. Your teenagers might know who she is. I wish I would have had the time to do something a little more special, but it was a long day and everyone was tired. Anyway, I think this came out nice and it was a departure from the bright and cheery, smiley photos we did for the magazine. Lisa is quite the talent. She’s an actress, dancer and singer in the old tradition. Her music even leans toward a more classic style, not the teen pop you would expect from a nineteen year old.

model: Lisa Foiles
makeup/hair: Michael Johnston
camera/film: Canon EOS 1Ds Mk II, Canon EF 28-105 @ 105mm f.11.
lighting: One Speedotron head with a 20″ reflector covered with a Xenophon diffuser. Filled with a silver card on the left.

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