See, if you come to the studio to work and you think you’re just going to get to leave when it’s all over, think again! Becky is a makeup artist that was here for the shoot with Chris and Michelle a couple posts ago. I forced her against her will so sit for a portrait. I asked her if she thinks she’ll ever be over Social Distortion and wish she didn’t get a tattoo on her arm with the bands name and a Mike Ness tattoo on her back. she just said, “Not yet.”

model: Becky
makeup/hair: Becky
camera/film: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar S, wide open at 1/4 second. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: LTM Pepper 1K behind a 4’x4′ scrim for diffusion for the main light and a LTM Pepper 650W as the backlight.

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