Dayspa magazine cover shot of Jennifer. We shot this on location at Le Petite Retreat in Los Angeles. This was an exercise in thinking on our feet. After shooting many frames, I noticed on the computer that there was a weird flair on the shot right around her dark hair. It was just subtle enough that I couldn’t see it on the camera’s LCD. After a little investigation, I found there was a smudge on the lens! We quickly looked through the shots to see what were the best poses and re-shot just those. All worked out, but it was a stressful few minutes.

model: Jennifer Del Barrio (CESD)
makeup/hair: Michelle Tabor
camera/film: Canon 5D. 28-105mm @ 65mm.
lighting: Medium soft box as main light to the right of frame. Open head inside room aimed at the left wall to bounce soft light onto back wall. We turned it just slightly so that it would spill onto the model’s shoulder and face for a little rim light. There’s also an umbrella in the front right corner of the room to ad a little highlight to the top of the model’s hair.

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