Ashley Reagan

Ashley is the grand daughter of former President Ronald Reagan. She called me recently to do a new head shot for her so I thought I’d post this from the archives. It has been re-worked a bit since I posted it in the old blog though, so it’s kinda new. 🙂

model: Ashley Reagan
makeup/hair: Pamela Lljubo
camera/film: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar S. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: Elinchrom Octa bank.

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6 Responses to Ashley Reagan

  1. I can only say STRANGE. I come back with the theory that a portrait is only the mirror of the photographers soul. Would be interesting to know your mood and what you were thinking when shooting this portrait. Also interesting to know how many people were on the set. Perhaps this portrait is not only the mirror of the photographer but of his whole team. STRANGE.
    Looking forward to see the new portrait of Ashley Reagan, perhaps next to the archive picture.

  2. Carly says:

    Dude, Ivan, you’re strange.
    Anyway, I love that her face is in focus while the rest isn’t it gives focus to the picture and something out of the ordinary. I dig it.

  3. You are right Carly. Sometimes I get, let’s call it Mystic ?, when I look at a picture. I find this picture especially inspiring. I better stop here as I could write a lot about it. Great work Brooks !

  4. kevin says:

    I’ve seen your work on Flickr and run across your name on PDN. Just wanted to drop a line and say what an inspiration your work is. Gorgeous.
    Kevin Davis

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