Mikki Nude

I’ve never posted this image on either of my blogs (un-cropped) even though it’s arguable the best portrait I’ve ever shot. Even though I don’t find it sexual, it’ still scares some people. Out of all the images I’ve posted on Flickr, it has sparked the most response and debate. Mikki (not her real name) was an adult film performer that I shot for a friend’s small company years ago. She was a very nice person and let me shoot this portrait of her after a job. As soon as I saw the polaroid I knew I had something special. Here’s a link to the discussion on Flickr.
Mikki on Flickr

model: Mikki
camera/film: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar S. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: One Mole Richardson Jr. Solarspot 2K behind a 4×4 ft. diffusion panel.

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