Victoria and I have been trying to hook up to do a shoot for a long time. FInally, the stars aligned last week and we got it done. It was a fun day, and she was the sweetest girl. I also got to meet and work with a new makeup artist this day, Eva Woodby. I talked her into doing it trade by offering to do a portrait of her while she was here. 🙂 I’ll post something from that soon.

subject: Victoria Vertuga
makeup/hair: Eva Woodby
camera/lens: Canon 5D MK II, 70-200L IS @ 110mm
lighting: Main light is a 20″ Speedotron beauty dish with a grid. I also placed a black flag between the light and Victoria’s forehead to shade some light from the top. The makeup artist, Eva, is blowing her hair with a reflector card.

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