Something tells me that I posted a cropped version of this on the old blog, but I can’t find it in the archives so here you go. I designed this set myself and built it with the help of my friends Rich and Rudy. Wow that sounds like a sitcom name. 🙂 , There were some scuffs on the floor that I didn’t see in the Polaroids that were quite obvious on film. but had the retoucher fix it all up for me. Anyway, this was shot for a hair care company and as far as I know was not used. I think I told the story before, but basically the company switched agencies right after the shoot and they went a different direction. I was shooting a model one day and looking through her book and saw the ads that they shot with the new agency. I really liked them. I’m not sure if that sucks or not.

model: Sierra Reed
makeup/hair: Dedra Whitt
wardrobe styling: Lisa Oliver
camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Fuji Astia 100F.
lighting: The main light on the model is a Speedotron head with a 22″ reflector and grid spot. There are also lights with grids on each side up high to light the hair and rim the arms and legs. The background lights are covered with diffusion and blue gels.

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