This is my wife Marisa. It was shot in a hotel room in Carmel, California a few years ago (pre-Lily). No stylists or makeup artists like usual. Just my beautiful Shmoopy. Yes, I’m robbing the cradle.
On the new portfolio front, I got the estimate for my new books and slip covers. Two portfolios will be just under $1000.00. That’s not a typo, and probably about middle of the road as these things go. I talked to one photographer about his portfolios and he said they cost him $850.00 each. I’ve been printing and re-scanning and re-working all of the images so I can send them to Eriko Yahiro along with a deposit check so she can get to work on them. it feels good to make progress.

model: Marisa
makeup/hair: Marisa
camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 80 2.8.
lighting: Hotel table lamp.

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