And now for something completely different! A little bird told me that I could post this early if I don’t mention what I was shooting when I did it. It’s not a long story, but I’ll let you in on it when I post the other shot from this day. Cornfused? I shot this at ASA 1600 and I love it. I’m going to do more high speed stuff with the 1Ds MkII. It’s hard to see the noise/grain in a small shot, but a print of this is going to be killer.
Oh, my friend Don just finished his first novel. Check it out. Shaker Days

model: Serena Hendrix (Otto Models)
makeup/hair: Michelle Tabor
camera/film: Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon TS-E 45mm 2.8 (tilt-shift) with a Canon EF 2X Extender (1/100 sec. f2.8 ASA 1600!)
lighting: Not enough room here, but let’s just say that most of the light is from two identical setups on either side of the model and slightly behind her.

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