Roy Pete

Flickr member and high school teacher darkbeans asked me if he could show this picture to his 10th graders for a poetry project. It’s something he does regularly in his class and when he sees an image on Flickr he thinks would be good, he asks to use it. Wow. Some people really do ask photographers before they use images sometimes! He also has started a Flickr group to help find images Writing You Inspire.
Here are the results!
Poems from … Roy Pete
Culture is a loved thing
Sometimes more than others
But there’s nothing wrong
With that. We are all
Around the map
Different lifestyles
Cultures together in life
Life is war
A war that you can lose
Winning is the only option
You have to win or you die
This war you need courage
A smile
A team
To keep you warm
Good offense is always good.
A native man
Culture unknown
A time of unkind times
A land was free
Wide as a bison’s range
A place no destroyed
A place never seen again
He is an eagle
His eyes tell stories
Of the past
Skin like paper
This man is serious
A face so pale
With hair so stained
He looks like statue
He seems to need to something
Or to sum himself up
His eyes are black pits
Watching emotionally
His skin is a painted canvas
Millions of colours
The man looks like a homeless man
The man is a king
The man has hat as big as a house
The man is an Indian
Who prowls the gray places
The man watches through the day
Proud and time
People nonetheless
People just like you
Indians fly with spirits of eagles
Fight with the strength of bears
Singing folk songs and hunting
He gets ready for the war
His hat of wolves shows his strength
With a look of bravery in his eyes
His white silk hair gently touches the ground

model: Roy Pete
camera/film: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar S. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: One Mole Richardson Jr. Solarspot 2K.

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