Renée 3

Renée from the archives. This is probably one of my most popular portraits, so many of you have already seen it. I entered four images in this years APA National Photo Competition and this is one of them. The APA (Advertising Photographers of America) is the professional association that I belong to. They have to have been created from August 1, 2004 to August 16, 2006. This is uncommon, as images in most competitions like this must be shot within the previous year. Since all four images that I entered were posted to the old blog well over a year ago, I might post them together here… might.

model: Renée Kuwata
makeup/hair: Nikki Carbonetta Aguirre
camera/film: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar S. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: Elinchrom Octa bank as the main light. One Speedotron head with a 20 inch reflector and a Xenophon diffuser as a backlight.

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