I don’t know if you remember the story I told about the model that almost passed out during a shoot and ended up just being dehydrated, but this was the shot that was used on the Nailpro cover. Deanna was fine and we promised to test some day. My favorite bit of trivia about Deanna is that she played a murder victim on CSI. PLEASE Visit the link on the left for the Katrina Relief Auction over at Flickr. I’m auctioning off a few prints and all the money goes to the American Red Cross. Just look for my Flickr user name (Brooks Ayola) in the discussion thread and/or image pool.

model: Deanna Russo (CED)
makeup: Michelle Tabor
hair: Jason Murillo
nails: Carla Collier
stylist: Karie L. Frost
camera/film: Canon 1Ds Mark II, Canon EF 28-105 at 85mm.
lighting: Elinchrom Octa bank as the main light. Onen head with grid as a side/fill on the face and a XS Chimera softbox on the background. All Speedotron strobe heads.

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