Chris Gerolmo

How’s this for something different from me? I shot this portrait of screen writer Chris Gerolmo for part of a story in Australian GQ magazine. Chris wrote the series Over There that was on the FX channel for a short stint, but has been picked up in Australia, hence the story. The set for the show is in the hills above Chatsworth not far from my studio. The day of the shoot was beautiful until we got on top of that hill and found that the wind was blowing about forty or fifty miles per hour. It was so bad that I couldn’t set up any equipment and had to shoot from the hip whenever the wind died down for a split second. I shot another part of the story at another set called Blue Cloud Movie Ranch the next day that I’ve posted images from on the Fauxtoblog.

subject: Chris Gerolmo
camera/film: Canon EOS1Ds Mk II. EF 17-40mm @ 21mm f-11.

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