I won? Ha! It seems after so many years of being a runner up in every blog contest on Earth, I actually won Best Studio Blog in the 2007 Photobloggies. It’s been a very quiet contest this year so it figures that the year I win, no one seems to know about it. 🙂
Anyway, this is the first model I did a test with off of Model Mayhem. Her name is Ceana and she traveled all the way from Texas to shoot with a few different photographers in a few days. Makeup was done by Roshar, also on MM, even though I knew about him previously.

model: Ceana
makeup/hair: Roshar
camera/film: Canon 5D. 28-105 @ 63mm
lighting: 20 inch dish right below the lens, silver card right below that. One head with a grid spot above aimed at the face to light the glitter, which you probably can’t see much of at this low res, and two heads with 11″ reflectors on either side.

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