My friend TL Forsberg was the fashion stylist on this job that I shot for a jewelry manufacturer. Why am I talking about her instead of the model? Well, I happened to recommend TL for an audition a while back and she got the job. You can see her in the upcoming VH1 reality show Supergroup. The show starts this Sunday night at 10PM on VH1 and TL will be in three of the seven episodes, starting with the second or third. Please check it out and watch her as she tries to get Ted Nugent to stop wearing dead animals and tries to get Sebastian Bach to cut his hair. If you’ve seen the long version of the commercial, you’ve see her proclaim “This is Rock Star HELL.”
Oh, and here is the Myspace page for TL’s band Kriya.
One more thing. Remember the episode of “Friends” where Joey is looking for a hot roommate? Well, Brooke was the potential roommate. She was also in the movie Monkeybone.

model: Brooke Boisse
makeup: Pamela Lljubo
styling: TL Forsberg
camera/film: Canon 1Ds Mk II, 100mm 2.8 Macro.
lighting: Natural open shade, with some sunlight bouncing off the wall on the left.

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