Aradia Nude

Sorry if you’re at work! Anyway, this is Aradia Ardor. I posted a beauty head shot of her a while back. I shot a version of this on Polaroid 55, but haven’t had the chance to work on that yet and the more I look at this color version, the more I like it, so here you are.

subject: Aradia Ardor
makeup/hair: Jocelyn Rivard
camera/lens: Canon 5D, 70-200L IS @ 70mm
lighting: First off, this was shot at iso 1600, f2.8, 1/60 second with just the modeling light from a medium Chimera soft box. The box is just out of frame and there’s a flag cutting the light off of her left side and wall. I bounced some light into her face with a large silver card.

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