Ryan Siner

From the archives. I shot Ryan for a hair care company. Years later I recognized him in Nordstroms and then recognized another model I had shot a bout a year before. Then I realized that they were married. That was a fun chance encounter.

model: Ryan Siner
makeup/hair: Melanie Manson
camera/film: Hasselblad ELM. 150mm
lighting: Grid spots all over the place. 🙂

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9 Responses to Ryan Siner

  1. I wish I had the chance to shoot him…

  2. cha-von says:

    wow he loks HOT here, this is amazing photography. i would die to take phtotos of Ryan! x

  3. Daniel J. Marinella says:

    Hey you old metal head thats right it me Danny Marinella from Pollock Pines living in Auburn now it has been a long time remember the water balloons and the cops anyway give me a call Ryan 530-305-4320

  4. Danielle Hughes says:

    OK that’s it!! Ryan it’s me, Danielle. Sorry I cut off your beautiful hair in 5th grade!! Do you still love me?! I was wondering what happened to you and now I know. Hey Danny…what’s up?! Ryan you’re still hot and I miss you. Call Me or email if you have time for an old friend!! 530-626-0241 or 530-344-3971 Love You Always

  5. someone says:

    WoW! If you guys’ only KNEW what this guy was TRULY like! A cheater, dead-beat “Dad” that mooches off everything and everyone! I feel bad for his ex-wife, who is the ONLY reason their son has any quality of life!

  6. Ryan Siner says:

    hi everybody. Thanx for all the wonderful coments.. Just wanted to clear something up. I have never been married before,and i made the mistake of having a wonderful lil boy with a complete psychopath.. i have always been there for my amazing son since day one. my whole life changed when he came into this world. I raised him by myself, with no help from his mother..my son and I are very much bonded, and iam always here for him.. Its very sad that someone who obviously has no idea who iam, would stoop so low to slander my name on the internet.. thanx Erin….

  7. Danielle says:

    Ryan, I’m so happy for you to be blessed with a son. I have 2 myself and I’m sure you must be a great dad. I can’t believe how strange it is to see you in these photos and then look in our yearbook!! Email me you brat, I haven’t heard from you forever! daniellencam@yahoo.com

  8. Linda LaMont says:

    Hi Ryan,
    This is Dan Marinella’s mom, Linda. Hope you are doing well. Dan is still in the USCG reserves and park ranger in Oroville. He’s married and has a daughter 3 yrs old. Gina is an RN, lives in KY, divorced and has a daughter 7. They are both on Facebook. I ran across some old pics from when I helped you and Dan dress up as old ladies for Halloween. Haha, remember that? Well take care you handsome dude.

  9. amy says:

    you still make me smile when I think about you. even though you were in my life for a short while, it made a tatoo of a memory.

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