Ru Paul

Back to the archives. Why have I not posted this sooner? Let me just say that Ru Paul is one of the nicest people I’ve ever shot, celebrity or otherwise. I was doing a dear friend a favor by shooting some production stills for her short film, which starred Ru and after shooting that day I asked if he would sit for a portrait. He told me to take as long as I wanted. Refreshing!

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subject: Ru Paul
camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm
lighting: Open shade under a tree. No reflectors.

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8 Responses to Ru Paul

  1. ian says:

    intense eyes! If you had not mentioned who this was I never would have guessed. I remember when (s)he endorsed MAC cosmetics, quite a coup, even by today’s standards!

  2. Good lord! Is that Ru Paul? Its a guy? What kinda stuff is this? My wife was lookin sayin why the hell he dresses up like a girl when he looks like this? He can get a few women! He should really pay you a triple fee for that one Brooks!

  3. Suby says:

    Brooks, love the tones in this shot, so thats what hew really looks like 🙂

  4. Tanja says:

    wow what a great b&w. love his look!

  5. Thomas Mac says:

    No reflectors? Wow! The lighting is so controlled. Absolute wonderful DOF. Great tones. Thanx for sharing…

  6. Melania says:

    Vorrei avere le puppe di Ru Paul!!…mela 92

  7. NICOLAS says:


  8. Ga Ree says:

    This is a gorgeous portrait shot – I love the placement of his head on arm/hand on shoulder.

    I just heard Ru Paul on NPR – he does come across as an incredibly nice, down to earth, joyous individual! Your photograph captures his inner peace; a man who is totally comfortable with his self.

    Cheers –