Michelle and Chris

Another pregnant friend means a trip to Brooks’ studio for some fun. Anyway, I’m always trying to figure out a new way to shoot pregnancy photos, so I hope this isn’t a cliché. We also did some beauty shots of Michelle, so I’ll hopefully show those when I get back from Santa Fe.

subjects: Michelle and Chris
makeup: Mary
hair: Chris Rutman
camera/lens: Canon 5D, 70-200L IS @ 70mm
lighting: On the right there’s an Elinchrom Octa bank as the main soft light, the rim light on the left is from a 20″ dish with diffusion. It’s positioned way back by the background, and there’s a 20° grid spot just above camera on the right a bit aimed at the heads of the subjects for a little hard fill. I have black flags blocking some of the light from the Octa and rim light from hitting the background to darken it.

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