Jamie Lynn Wearing Glasses

Jamie Lynn was the 2006 Penthouse Pet of the Year. I shot her for a lingerie client. At the end of the shoot I asked if she wears glasses. Some people must think I have some weird eye glass fetish. Here is the result.

subject: Jamie Lynn
makeup/hair: Jocelyn Rivard
camera/lens: Canon 5D, 70-200L IS @ 100mm
lighting: Two fluorescent tubes in custom fixtures.

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9 Responses to Jamie Lynn Wearing Glasses

  1. Tim W says:

    What is it about a sexy woman in glasses? Reminds me of the crush I had on my 8th grade English teacher. Hmm, wonder if she ever posed for Penthouse?

  2. brooks says:

    Love your portrait work…I’m trying to get started working with more human subjects and lighting. I greatly appreciate your lighting setup notes. Thanks!

  3. Timo says:

    I think I met her.

  4. Suby & Sinem says:

    Lovely shot Brooks, is it possible to see more of your commercial work?

  5. Ada says:

    I have your page bookmarked and I look at it everyday….you have really great work Brookes. I am abiout to start a potrait project and I have doing my research for about 6months now. I love your lighting technique and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on your technique. I would love to know how to get effective potraits that aren’t taken in the studio. Thank you Brookes. You do have amazing work and I can only wish I was as good as you.

  6. Alli says:

    I want that shirt. Hell, I want that hair too…and those lips. Crap, just lemme switch bodies with her for 3 days, is that really too much to ask? Seriously though.

  7. ian says:

    interesting seeing these last two eye glasses shot one after the other, their body language speaks volumes.

  8. JHG says:

    The lightning is really interesting: I can see the two fluorescent tubes in the glass reflection (I was actually trying to reverse engineer it before reading it!). The glass are giving a more intriguing ambiance!

  9. Brooks says:

    Just to be clear, there is only one light on each side. Different prescriptions react differently, so this one looks as if there are two tubes on each side.

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