I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Here’s to 2011! Let the clients begin to shoot again in the new year!

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I’ve been going through some commercial shoot folders from the last year looking for stuff I shot for myself after jobs. This is one of those. I always ask if a subject can stay after we’re done for a few so I can do a portrait. Sometimes I get five minutes, sometimes I get an hour. I kick myself when I think of the times I didn’t do it, or just ran out of time.

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This is a frame from the SnapGrid I did of Lela. It’s not often that I post something I shot with my Canon G9 point and shoot here, but I like this shot. I don’t consider it an honest portrait or anything, but it makes me smile a little when I look at it. We shot this after a job for a hair care client.

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Brea Wearing Glasses

I got a lot of catching up to do!!

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James Christopher

Photographer and friend, James Christopher. I shot this at a party with a small fluorescent shop light and a silver card. Travel light, folks!

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Nevada Ballet Theatre

Since the blog was broken for a little while there, I missed posting the work I did for the Nevada Ballet Theatre a few months ago. Our shoot started at 4 PM and finished up at about 9 AM the following morning… One location change at midnight. It was such an amazing experience, that I’d do it all over again. This shot happened at about 5:45 in the morning as the sun was coming up. It was lit with a 2K hot light, but the colors on the background are from the daylight coming through the large glass doors and reflecting onto the semi-glossy black background.

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Jessica Robinson

Well, it’s been a long time… The old blog was broken, so it was time to re-design.
Thanks to my friend Jeff at Jeff Hendrickson Design for helping me out with the new digs! I really want to start showing new work here again. Here’s to new beginnings!

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Lily in the Sun

Wow… I’ve really been neglecting this place. Sorry if you’ve been wondering what happened. I’m overwhelmed with the internet. Here’s a portrait of Lily shot inside the studio. I was attempting to make it look as much like sunlight as possible.

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Danny – f-eleven Volume 2!

This is photographer, Danny Bourne a few days before he learned that he was a diabetic. You can see this right next to his wife in the new f-eleven book, appropriately titled, volume 2. My contribution to this book is my People Wearing Glasses series, but there are 18 other photographers and all of the proceeds go towards autism research and Fragile X Syndrome awareness. Go buy one for a great charity today!
Take a look at a full book preview here:

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Nev 3

Nev was shooting nearby and sent me a text to tell me she was in town.. I asked her to stop by when she was done to see the new studio. When she got there we spent about ten minutes shooting this. She’s awesome. 🙂

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