Trish 2

Another frame from my shoot with Trish. I really wanted to shoot her in a way that I had not seen with her before. This is a pretty straight forward portrait, but I was thinking musician, not model, while shooting. I think I may have said something like that to her so she would relax her poses and look more real. She says that for her, as a model, portraits are the hardest to pose for.

subject: Trish
makeup/hair: Trish
camera/lens: Canon 5D, 70-200L IS @ 75mm
lighting: 22 inch beauty dish with a grid as the main light, 11 inch head with diffusion coming from the right. I put a small piece of black foil (Rosco Foil) along the edge of the background on the right so the light would hit the side or her head without spilling into the shadow on the background.

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