The Costello Twins

One from the Archives. I have some new stuff coming soon. 🙂 This was from a roll of 120 I shot at the end of a car shoot at Badlands Studio in Sun Valley, California. It was for an after-market suspension company called Belltech. I asked Shawnie and Julie (also known as the Juggy Twins from the Man Show) to pose together for a quick portrait and they were kind enough to stay for an extra few minutes.

model: Julie and Shawnie Costello
makeup/hair: Terese Heddon
camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Kodak TCN400.
lighting: One Speedotron Octa bank.

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2 Responses to The Costello Twins

  1. Alli says:

    and now…girls on trampolines!

  2. laura stephens says:

    hey girls get your alls ass back to casey county so we can play some softball

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