Kiljoy Union

My friend Frank Ockenfels has given me a challenge… To shoot music. He thinks It’s something I would be good at, so he told me to shoot some more bands, and to get out of the studio some. This was my first band with that challenge in mind. Believe it or not, it’s the first time I’ve ever shot a band outside.

subject: Kiljoy Union
makeup/hair: Michelle Tabor
stylist: The band
camera/lens: Horseman LX 4×5. Schneider 210mm 5.6 Symmar S. Polaroid Type 55.
lighting: Natural light with a Mole-Richardson Junior Solarspot 2K behind for a little rim light.

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8 Responses to Kiljoy Union

  1. danny says:

    well done, looks great… albit alittle to try-hard emo for my likeing, but thats not your fault. so um where did you place the rim light to skim it across all four members like that?

  2. simeon ivan says:

    Great picture! Is it Polaroid 55? I hope you had the chance to stock some up!

  3. Brooks says:

    The light is just outside the frame in the upper right corner. Yep… I need to shoot as many different looking bands as I can to show some range. This was my first opportunity, so I snatched it up.
    Oh, and I’m almost out of Polaroid 55.

  4. Jeff A says:

    Sweet shot, interesting looking band! I love the way you can selectively focus using tilt and shift(I think that’s what it’s called) I have never tried a view camera before but I hope to some day. As long as it isn’t any more complicated that these darn DSLR’s.

  5. Heng says:

    I just ordered a lot of type 55 from B&H. I intend to have a last Hurrah!. It is good to see that you are pushing your work with something going out. A bit of irony there eh?

  6. Brooks says:

    Well, I shot five different setups that day and hundreds of frames… I only shot six sheets of 55 at the end of the day. It may not be even the best shot I did, so might not even go in the book.

  7. Jinky says:

    You should do it more often!! But then again, your good at anything! =)

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