Frank W Ockenfels 3 (part 1)

This is part 1 of my diptych of Frank that I shot in Santa Fe during the workshop. I’m posting two images at the same time so make sure to click on the image to see part two. Unlike most of my portraits, these two images show someone hamming it up. Frank has many faces, and these are just two of them. 🙂
Once you click on the image to see part 2, make sure to use you back and forward buttons for animated fun.

subject: Frank W. Ockenfels 3
camera/lens: Canon 5D. 85mm 1.8 @3.5
lighting: Medium softbox on right with a flag blocking the light from hitting the side of his head. Large beauty dish with diffusion on the left at the background aimed back towards the camera. The backlight was allowed to spill onto the background too.

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