Frank Filipetti

This is from the same ad series as the previous post. Here’s a story about the glamorous life of an advertising photographer. Hop on a plane in Los Angeles with the Art Director first thing in the morning. Fly to New York. Arrive there in the afternoon and take a cab to the location. Look at the room and meet Frank. Walk to our hotel and check in. Walk around the city for a couple hours and eat dinner. Go to bed, wake up, eat breakfast, check out of the hotel and walk with our bags back to the location. Meet the assistant and help move all the rental equipment into the recording studio where we are shooting. SHoot the job and do some video for the JBL web site. Pack up the equipment and say goodbye to the assistant. Hop in a cab and drive to the airport and fly home. That was my first trip to NY. 🙂

subject: Frank Filipetti
location: Right Track Recording Studio
assistant: James/NYC
camera/film: Canon 5D, 17-40mm @25mm
lighting: Profoto head with a 20″ dish with diffusion as the main light. Two heads with grids on the speakers in the background. One head with a grid spot as a rim light on the face. Lots of available tungsten light in the room.

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