Darren Woodson

I was going through some older shots and came across this portrait of former Dallas Cowboy, Darren Woodson. I shot a few of the guys at Texas Stadium back in the late 90’s for a fashion story for a magazine. I don’t think I’ve ever shown this one though.

subject: Darren Woodson
makeup/hair: Yolanda Halston
stylist: Lisa Oliver
camera/lens: Hasselblad ELM. 150mm
lighting: One small Chimera softbox on a Speedotron head.

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2 Responses to Darren Woodson

  1. Suby & Sinem says:

    Welcome back bro 🙂
    Quite a simple yet very effective capture here. Love the ideas of the shirts hanging on the left.

  2. Brooks says:

    Thanks… Now that I look at it though, I think I should burn in the locker on the left… The wood’s a little too hot compared to the locker he’s standing in.

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