Lisa Foiles in the wind tunnel

My dear friend Lisa Foiles stopped by to do a quick head shot, and we had some fun afterwards. If you’ve seen these wind blown shots by me before, I just wanted to let you know how we do them. No fan needed. I use a piece of Fome Core (about 16″x20″) and have an assistant just do single swift up or down fanning passes at the model. It takes a little bit of practice to get it right. You also usually need to shoot lots of frames to get that great one. This is also shot with the 2K hot light to get the blurred hair.

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2 Responses to Lisa Foiles in the wind tunnel

  1. Thank you! I suggest the foamcore technique to my clients and they look at me and laugh. It does work and in fact works better than a fan. Models don’t complain about eyes drying out or getting cold (always an issue up here in Canada)

  2. Brooks says:

    Yep, and you have so much control with it too. I do use a fan on occasion too, when doing full length fashion type stuff, usualy.

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